Wristbands are always available at the first venue/stop. If you are late to the crawl - show up to the first venue/stop and then proceed to meet us at the appropriate venue for the time of your arrival.
No, all of our crawls have accommodating VIP line access - meaning, we are given priority entry and you will not have to wait in line with general admission patrons. That said - our crawls have become VERY POPULAR and naturally it does take a little time for each venue to process our crawl guests. It is always a quick process though!
You must follow the listed schedule of our crawl to ensure entry and VIP line access. Entry outside of our scheduled times is at the venue's discretion and is not guaranteed (and therefore, not recommended).
To be fair to all our guests, we do not offer refunds. We recommend transferring/exchanging tickets with a friend or guest who is looking to attend the crawl.
No, as long as your ticket scans you’ll receive your wristband. (Ladies tickets are redeemable only by female attendees.)
There is a general style code in effect. No hoodies, baggy clothing, side bags, or headwear. Entry is at the discretion of each respective club's management/security.
All attendees must be 19 years of age or older. You must have government-issued ID on your person to be allowed to enter.